Over the years we have grown from a startup to a competitive hardware distributor in Maldives, with varieties of products and services. You can find almost everything you are looking for from a hardware store, just visit . We cater all small, medium to large materials and tools that are required for household repairs to major constructions and all the way to infrastructure projects. We have a long way forward and a huge market, looking forward to achieving the goals with the same exponential growth we had over the few years in business. We are here to deliver all your need with a smile.


Be the best at providing the materials, goods and services in the distribution industry with all your hardware requirements.


To be at the top, with its key objects being the foundation for building partnerships, knowledge,  growth and adopt to the new technologies and be innovative. Work with the people and grow with the people. We care and we deliver.


We anticipate change and respond with creative solutions. We are agile and responsive to the changing needs of our customers and embrace learning opportunities from our experience through out the year.


Thirst for knowledge and self improvement and demonstrating the skills needed to accomplish a chosen task is what has taken us this far, and what we will continue to do to reach the next level. We are looking for the change and we will keep improving.


We care and maintain respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, hardware zone employees and communities. We are loyal, working collaboratively with our employees, partners, suppliers and customers to solve problems and achieve goals. We exhibit honesty and integrity at all times. We show commitment and dedication to the success of our customers, partners and all stakeholders. "WE BELIEVE IN WORKING TOGETHER"


We keep pursuing our goals especially when experiencing adversity, and showing love and compassion for the people we serve and rejoice when their needs are met. We thrive to be known for follow-through and for being responsive to our customers needs and achieve agreed-upon outcomes. We are reliable and there where we apply our skills for improved quality.




We have a huge product portfolio for all your hardware needs.

General hardware

From the simplest house hold repair needs to the extensive makeovers, we have it all.

  • General accessories
  • Lubricants
  • Putty
  • Locks
  • Ropes
  • & Many more.

Construction materials

Tools to full home construct materials, name it we have it.

  • Doors
  • Cupboard wood
  • Safety shoes & Belts
  • Ceramics
  • Hand tools
  • Plumbing tools
  • & Sanitary materials

Electrical & Metals

Need quality electric wires and metal for your foundations? Choose us, we can deliver.

  • Square bars
  • SS Pipes and fittings
  • MS fittings
  • Sanitary
  • Tools & testers
  • Electrical Accessories